Our Story

Our alpha geek started us up in 2004 seeing a gap in the market for technology solutions that work, by people who actually have a clue what they are doing. We wouldn't even claim to know everything, its a pretty big field... but we know quite a heck of a lot about it... and we're still going strong and we help all sorts of people every day, from your next door neighbour to big enterprises.

Our Approach

We do things quite differently, we partner with you, its a bit like having your own internal IT department, there to advise and make things happen, without the need to employ someone full time in the role.

We are experts in our field, we have basically been there and done it.

We do our best to talk in plain language without terms or jargon (that we may not actually understand either)

We don't do hard sales, that's why we've maintain our independence, we ensure you get exactly what you actually need, not what we would like to sell you.

Next Steps...

The quicker you call the quicker your IT gets the treatment you deserve